Shabnam was brutally assaulted with acid when she was still a teenager. She is now a Shero, an Indian women's rights fighter who is raising her child by teaching her the importance of beauty and feminine power outside of traditional constraints. Without a doubt, she, her name, and her life are synonymous with courage, beauty, strength, and perseverance. The road to safety and equality is indeed long and ever-changing, but she has now embarked on it and does not know how to turn back.



Claudio Casale


Italy, India


Hindi dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Documentary Film


14 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (GCC Premiere)

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Claudio Casale

Claudio Casale was born in Rome where he graduated in Business Administration. He lived many years in India and Southeast Asia and he developed his passion for documentary. Back in Italy, he made “Piccolo mondo cane” (2017), documentary about job precariousness and the right-to work. In 2018, he made “My Tyson” with the contribution of MiBAC (Italian Minister of Culture), which had its world premiere at the 75th Venice Film Festival and won the Best Documentary Award. His latest documentary “Shero” (2021) was shot in India and nominated as Best Short Film 2021 at Accademia del Cinema Italiano.