Title:Abu Basheer

Music, art, and culture are all forms of escapism, and escaping reality can be beautiful and needed at times. A close to reality short film which keeps your attention till the very end and makes a home in your heart by the end of it. Afterall, art and music has always been the boat onto which we climb to save and protect our sanity. This film unabashedly does exactly that! It forces you to think, how tragic it is, that art and music lasts forever, but we don’t.



Hady Sayed


Egypt, KSA


Arabic dialogue, with English subtitle


Documentary Film


20 minutes

Production Year:

2022 (UAE Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Hady Sayed

Hady Sayed is an Egyptian filmmaker, born and raised in Cairo (Egypt) in the year 1986. He graduated from faculty of mass communication Cairo university and worked in video editing and filmmaking in Egypt and Gulf. He directed many commercial and short films. “Abu Bahseer” is one of his best directed films.