A rather heart-wrenching story that brings you face to face with the reality of what happens when normal people pay the price of destruction and explosions. On her birthday, surrounded by her adoring family, well wishes, and gifts, an incident occurs that would permanently change Mira's life for the worse. But how can one recover from a loss, suffering this big?



Maya Zankoul and Toni Yammine




Arabic dialogue, with English subtitle


Animation Film


5 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (UAE Premiere)

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  • Pictures of Directors

Maya Zankoul and Toni Yammine

Maya Zankoul is a Lebanese illustrator and author. She’s the creative director at wezank animation studio in Lebanon. She has directed animated web series for Beirut+ TV and currently runs YouTube hit channel Lila TV, producing animated content for children in Arabic. Toni Yammine is a Lebanese multidisciplinary artist. For the last 20 years, he was involved in the production of several projects for different media as a producer, writer, or director. He is passionate about photography and music. “Peek-a-Boom” was made under the direction of this duo.