Stop-motion animation has an enticing quality to it. When used effectively, this tactic just makes the outside world appear a bit nicer, at least for a short time. The plot is about a child who unexpectedly acquires a piglet - Babs is already a vegan; therefore, there is no conflict of interest here - thanks to a grandpa who abandoned her mother decades ago and is now attempting to make up, seemed easy enough. The animation is terrific, with all the animals embracing the wind and stroking their coats.



Mascha Halberstad




Dutch dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Animation Film


70 minutes

Production Year:

2022 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Mascha Halberstad

Mascha Halberstad was born in 1973 in Netherland. She attended the ArtEZ Art Academy in Arnhem. She made animations for several feature films. In 2012 she directed a short animation film, “Goodbye Mister De Vries” and a 13-episode animation series, “Picknick With Pie”. Her film” Munya In Me” won the Grand Jury Prize of the BANFF World Media Festival. She directed several short films including a series “Fox & Hare” and superhit “The Great Hummimummi Christmas Special”. In July 2022, she finished her first feature film, “Oink”.