A young artist seeking to make it in a big city and make a name for herself finds herself withdrawing into rose-tinted recollections of the home she left behind. Because no matter how much you try, memories will always try to find their way back to you. This film exemplifies how seemingly ordinary photos can be constructed to convey a fascinating, nuanced tale about growing up and moving away from home while being true to oneself and your origins.



Ewa Smyk




no dialogue


Animation Film


10 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Ewa Smyk

Ewa Smyk was born in 1990 in Poland. Ewa is an animation director with a background in graphic design and illustration. She graduated from MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins (2015) and MA Directing Animation at the National Film and Television School (2020). Her film “Homebird” has been created entirely in a paint-on-cel technique. Ewa’s filmmaking debut, the animated documentary The Deal (2015) has been screened at over 30 film festivals around the world and won many awards.