A shoal of herrings, adopting fantastic formations, roams the vast ocean. When seagulls suddenly attack, one small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool. As it searches desperately for a way out, it discovers many other sea creatures here. And now there is no time for fear: only by joining forces can they hope to defend themselves against the hungry seagull.


Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust


no dialogue

Short Animation Films

8 minutes

2023 (Middle East Premiere)


Pictures of Directors

Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust

Lena Von Dohern, a Berlin-born filmmaker. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Audio-Visual Communication from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (2007) and a Master's degree in Design with a specialization in Animation from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (2011). Lena's notable contribution is the mini-series "The Little Bird," which premiered at the Berlinale. Her animated films have received international recognition at renowned festivals, earning accolades in Sapporo, Paris, Hiroshima, Ottawa, and La Bourboule.