Pottery's Life

In this captivating documentary, we delve into the remarkable life of an exceptional woman of Iranian origin who discovers her passion for pottery. Her story unfolds as she arrives in Dubai, where she not only creates stunning pottery herself but also becomes a talented teacher of this ancient art form.


Omid Bahramzad

Iran, UAE

English & Persian dialogue, with Arabic subtitle

Documentary Film

44 minutes


Pottery's LifePottery's Life

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Omid Bahramzad

Omid Bahramzad was born on 1974 in Tehran, he graduated from Iranian Azad university in Computer Science (Software). He started in 1994 in the media field as editor. He came to Dubai in 2003 and started as a TV program director and producer at TAPESH TV from the Dubai agency office. Since 2007 he has been attending MBC GROUP TV (MBC PERSIA channel) at media city till now as editor- Producer, senior and movie’s trailer voiceover. Omid is also a freelance photographer for modeling, commercial and Iranian concerts and events in Dubai.