A-Yong's Lockdown Day

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, A-Yong is stuck at home, unable to go to school, play with his friends, or go out to eat. Bored and lonely, he wants nothing more than to have somebody keep him company. One day, while playing with his bubble ball toy on the table, A-Yong is bored and starts to talk to himself. Suddenly, the bubble ball turns into a small alien, much to A-Yong’s surprise! What will happen next?


Yueh-Lin Chiang, Wei-Li Kao, Zhe-Yu Lin, Cheng-Yu Li


Mandarin dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Child and Youth Film

9 minutes

2022 (Middle East Premiere)

A-Yong's Lockdown DayA-Yong's Lockdown Day

Pictures of Directors

Yueh-Lin Chiang, Wei-Li Kao, Zhe-Yu Lin, Cheng-Yu Li

Every summer, the Public Television Service Foundation holds film camp for children to produce animated films or documentary by themselves. They are mostly children aged from 10 - 14.