That’s Chewing!

“Gum” is a sticky candy, an exceptional jazzman full of emotions, it melts from the heart very quickly. A Chant to Love and... chewing.


Armel Saint Loup


French dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Student Film

3 minutes

2022 (Middle East Premiere)

That’s Chewing!That’s Chewing!

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Armel Saint Loup

Armel Saint Loup, a Belgian animator, achieved notable success in 2020, winning both the Laureate Prize and the Scenario Prize at the Chalonnes sur Loire comic strip competition. In 2021, he graduated as the favored candidate of the École Pivaut jury in Nantes. "That's Chewing!" marks his debut personal film, created outside of his academic studies and produced through the MiCROFiLM call for projects at Camera-etc studios.