Poor Antonio

Antonio is stuck to his routine. During the night, he works in a recycling plant and during the day stays with his family with whom he doesn’t really get along. One day, while working, he discovers that he can begin to make decisions about his life and change it to his will.


Mariana Ferreira, Eudald Rojas

Spain, Portugal

Spanish dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Student Film

8 minutes

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Poor AntonioPoor Antonio

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Mariana Ferreira, Eudald Rojas

Mariana Ferreira is a Portuguese multi-disciplinary creative based in Lisbon, working as a freelance artist. With a background in design, her passion for animation blossomed during her studies in Lisbon, leading her to Barcelona where she honed her skills in Stop Motion. "Poor Antonio"is her first film.

Eudald Rojas, an Italian-born artist, discovered his passion in Stop Motion at the age of 19. He completed an Animation Degree and a Stop Motion Master, and currently works as a freelancer. "Poor Antonio"is her first film.