Office War

At a regular nine to five, office workers fight to bring their boss a flask of coffee. When an ambitionless employee coincidentally chances upon it, he ventures out to pour it over him.


Ali Fuad

Oman, UAE

Arabic dialogue, with English subtitle

Student Film

5 minutes


Office WarOffice War

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Ali Fuad

Ali Fuad is a filmmaker based in the UAE. He embarked on his filmmaking journey at the young age of 15. Ali's talent in directing was recognized early on, and he began by participating in the Ministry of Education's Masterpieces program in the UAE, where he created the short film "Magical Glasses." Ali also joined a one-year cinematography program at Warsaw Film School in Poland, and upon his return to the UAE, he directed commercials and collaborated with "Imagenation" in their Arab Film Studio program. Currently, Ali is studying film at Middlesex University in Dubai.