In a daring circus act, a timid tiger is expected to perform a thrilling trick but succumbs to fear, unable to muster the courage to proceed. As the pressure intensifies, the tiger wrestles with its own apprehensions, ultimately revealing a profound emotional journey that challenges the traditional notions of bravery and self-discovery.


Julia Ocker


no dialogue

Short Animation Films

4 minutes

2022 (Middle East Premiere)


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Julia Ocker

Julia Ocker is an award-winning animation director, designer, and author from Stuttgart. She studied Visual Communication in Pforzheim and Cairo before specializing in Animation at the Filmakademie in Baden-Wurttemberg. Her graduation film, "Kellerkind," received numerous accolades, including the First Steps Awards and the Tricky Women Prize. Julia's passion for children's movies led to the creation of the popular series "Animanimals," which has been shown in over 180 international territories and won more than 70 awards. The show received the prestigious Grimme-Preis and was nominated for an International Emmy.