The Mystery of Missing Socks

Little Pille goes to find her father’s missing socks under the bed, to a fantastical world of forgotten things. There she finds that dad’s socks have laid an egg! Now Pille must protect the socks from danger until the tiny egg can hatch.


The Mystery of Missing Socks


Estonian dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Short Animation Films

19 minutes

2023 (Middle East Premiere)

The Mystery of Missing SocksThe Mystery of Missing Socks

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The Mystery of Missing Socks

Oskar Lehemaa is a live action and animation director from Estonia. His horror short film “Bad Hair” was selected to over 50 festivals, including Sundance, and won prizes at Fantasia, Scream Fest, Fantastic Fest, among others. In 2019 Oskar co-wrote and co-directed the feature length stop motion animation “Old Man Movie”, which has played over 30 festivals worldwide. Oskar studied audiovisual media at the Baltic Film and Media School and has directed commercials in Estonia since 2010.