Pebble Hill

A small family of shrews lives on the edge of a stream. But one day, heavy rains fall sweep away the village. Luckily, the family escapes the worst, but their house is destroyed. The little family then sets out to find a new place before winter.


Marjolaine Perreten

Switzerland, Belgium, France

French dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Short Animation Films

29 minutes

2023 (Middle East Premiere)

Pebble HillPebble Hill

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Marjolaine Perreten

Marjolaine Perreten was born in 1990, and she is a Swiss animator and director. She studied multimedia design at ERACOM in Lausanne and gained valuable experience through internships at renowned studios. In 2013, she was accepted into the prestigious La Poudrière animation school in France. Marjolaine founded the Savigny Animation Film Festival in 2017 and currently works as the Director of Animation Films at Nadasdy Film.