My Grumpy Grandpa

In a small town in France, Hugo, an 8 years old kid, is trying to escape his alcoholic Grandpa, who turned into a big and scary monster.


Komi Messan Anthony


no dialogue

Short Animation Films

6 minutes

2022 (Middle East Premiere)

My Grumpy GrandpaMy Grumpy Grandpa

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Komi Messan Anthony

Komi Messan Anthony is a Togolese Director based in Paris. He graduated from Ecole Georges Méliès in 2016. Since then, he had worked as a Character Designer, a Storyboard Artist and a 2D Animator for Disney, Ubisoft and Dreamworks. While working for these companies, he keeps making his own films and telling his own stories. “My Grumpy Grandpa” is his directing debut, a short film, he has written, directed and animated all alone.