Hana Meets Hana

Hana, a young musician with stage fright, finds herself trapped in a world without music. She is willing to fight for her dreams, but will she be able to rediscover her melody?


Jeong-Byeon-Ji Kim

South Korea

Korean dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Short Animation Films

24 minutes

2023 (Middle East Premiere)

Hana Meets HanaHana Meets Hana

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Jeong-Byeon-Ji Kim

Jeong-Byeon-Ji Kim was born in 1989 in South Korea and holds a degree in Animation Directing at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. She directed “Daydream” (2010), and also produced several feature animated films including “Seoul Station” (2016), “Kai” (2016), and “The Senior Class” (2016). “Hana Meets Hana” (2023) is her mid-length animated film. She is recently working on writing and directing a feature animated film, "Fix Me” (2025).