Cat Kiss

A fairy tale writer Yong-hee is living a soulless life after losing his wife. He’s been unable to enter the room where she used to paint, because he suffers from hyperventilation. One day, he hears strange sounds from the room, and discovers a kitten there. It turns out that his son Jane had secretly hidden the kitten in the room! While Yong-hee struggles with both entering the room itself and catching the cat, Ro-an, a neighbor and also a carpenter, suggests making this abandoned room into a cat room.


Hwang Soo-bin

South Korea

Korean dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Feature Film

120 minutes

2022 (Middle East Premiere)

Cat KissCat Kiss

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Hwang Soo-bin

Hwang Soo-bin was born in 1989. She is a filmmaker from South Korea, graduated from Kyungpook National University in 2006. Her filmography includes the short film "Cherry Blossoms Ending" 2019, and her first feature film "Cat Kiss”.