What is the duration of the submitted Film?
  • The duration is not set. The film can be minimum of one minute and more.
Can we shoot our film from our phones?
  • It is preferable for the film to be shot through a professional camera in order to maintain quality of the film.
What is required age to submit a film to the festival?

  • All age group is open for submission.
Am I required to be physically available if I submitted my film?
  • No, sending your details through the submission form is enough or through email.
What is the rating process for the films?
  • A certified jury for each category is chosen to judge the films.
Can we submit films as a group?
  • Yes, more than one director for a film can submit their film as one entry.
I submitted a documentary film and I am 17 years old, which category will it be set in?
  • It will be considered a child and Youth film and not part of a documentary category.
Can I submit multiple films from the same production company?
  • Yes.
Can I submit films that was previously submitted but did not receive any rewards?
  • We cannot accept films that were sent to us previously and was accepted in the festival.