Title:Wolf Cubs of the Apple Valley

When a shot is fired in the valley, Asho's friend falls to the ground, to death. The rifle bullet of death was intended for Asho. And if this wasn’t enough, soon we know that his dad is wanted for murder, and he too is being searched for. To avoid those searching for him, Asho is compelled to disguise himself as a girl and stay hidden at his aunt's house. In his search for answers, he travels to Apple Valley with his cousin, Pari, to find his mother, whom he has always assumed is dead.



Fereydoun Najafi




Persian dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Feature Film



Production Year:

2020 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Fereydoun Najafi

Fereydoun Najafi was born in 1977 in Koohrang, (Iran). He is a graduate of filmmaking from Soureh Film College. He's made several short and documentary films including “Khatoon”, “Where is Fatemeh’s House”, “THE Twelfth Team-Mate”, “The Rooster”, “The Route And Star”, “A Traveler To China” and “The Last Migration”. His films have been screened in more than 100 national and international film festivals and received approximately 40 awards. “The Skier” is his debut feature film and It was also accepted in more than 10 international festivals like Cambridge and Olympia film festivals.