The feeling of helplessness can only be truly felt by someone who is living that life. The short film, with the help of terrific and correctly used graphics, expresses the raw emotion and what goes on in someone's mind who needs to depend on others to eat, drink, sit and most importantly, live. It goes on to shed light on what is needed for these people and also their families to again get their life back on track and work towards creating and having a balance.



Carlos Gomez, Mira Sagrado




Italian dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Animation Film


3 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Carlos Gomez, Mira Sagrado

Carlos Gomez, and Mira Sagrado established “Thinkwild Studios” in 2009 with the desire to create a studio where creativity and passion for audiovisuals and animation is prevailed. Throughout the career of Carlos, he has directed a multitude of audiovisual projects, ranging from animation, motion graphics to filming advertisements, video clips through the design of presentations and multimedia experiences both nationally and internationally.