Title:My Name Is Maluum

This beautiful film follows the story of Maalum, a Brazilian girl of color who gets taunted by her peers because of her African-origin identity. Disgusted by the hostility she faces, the young girl aspires to alter her identity and eventually learns about her African ancestors' culture. She learns about the rich legacy of her name and forefathers.



Luisa Copetti




Portuguese dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Animation Film


8 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Luisa Copetti

Luisa Copetti is a visual artist, art director, illustrator and animation director from Porto Alegre (Brazil). Since the year 2019, she has been developing her skills as animation director and art director educational content animations. Her best short films include “Taina And The Rain”, co-production Sincrocine Productions, “My Name Is Maluum”, produced by Pé de Moleque Filmes, and “For What Serve As Things”, production Cena Expandida.