All of these major notions about change and growth blossom in creative ways when characters shapeshift and dance to the beat of discovery. Meta is a humorous and greatly made animated film that explores themes such as evolution, transience, cycles, connections, human life, and interaction. The goal is to demonstrate that everything is made up of numerous parts and that, in the end, we are all interconnected, and rightly so.



Antje Heyn




English dialogue, with Arabic subtitle


Animation Film


3 minutes

Production Year:

2022 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Antje Heyn

Antje Heyn is a Berlin based animation director and illustrator. Her work is inspired by daily observations of urban living and culture. Besides setting her heart on creating characters and bringing them to life, she teaches animation at universities and is running the Protoplanet Studio. She has won 45 awards, including Golden Horseman Award at Filmfest Dresden, Best Animated Short Film Award at BAMkids Film Festival and several others. Furthermore, all films were awarded with the Seal of Approval “Highly Recommended” by FBW German Film & Media Review.