Title:Luce And The Rock

A massive Rock appears out of nowhere in the midst of Luce's calm small village. The residents can't even open their front doors anymore! Luce is furious: "Rock, you don't belong here!" So why are you even here? Luce is furious and determined to return the Rock Creature to his home. But the Rock may have more affinity with Luce than she realized, and very soon, Luce discovers the infant in the rock as the others are at a loss.



Britt Raes


Belgium, France, Netherlands


no dialogue


Animation Film


13 minutes

Production Year:


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Britt Raes

Britt Raes is a film director and her first professional short “Catherine” travelled to 200 festivals worldwide, collecting 50 prizes along the way. Besides having just completed her second professional short, “Luce and the Rock”, Britt is also writing a series, a special children's book. She loves drawing, telling stories and making characters come to life.