Title:Klingert’s Diving Suit

Bi has been fearful of water since her brother drowned in a flood. Her father, Karl, dedicated his entire life to developing the world's finest atmospheric diving suit. The suit's first public appearance is approaching. If all works well, Klingert will be granted an amount and go to England with his family. Bi believes her brother is enjoying hide and seek and that he will never find them if they leave. What lies ahead now?



Artur Wyrzykowski


Poland, Estonia


English & Polish dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Animation Film


20 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Artur Wyrzykowski

Artur Wyrzykowski is a professional film director, screenwriter and producer, born in 1985 in Ploand. He is known for Klingert's Diving Suit (2021), Wszystko (2008) and Don't Haunt My Dreams (2017). He studied directing, production management, and scriptwriting. He worked as a script analyst and development producer for several years. He made 5 shorts in the past 2 years and is now developing his feature debut.