Title:It Was Only A Rock That Looked Like Someone

An out of the box film portrays the narrative of two astronauts fighting to keep their heads straight as their hallucinations seize control of their spacecraft. Adam and Steve are two astronauts on a mission to return space samples to Earth using a robot. This job proves incredibly monotonous and tiresome, particularly for Steve, who, faced with tremendous isolation, starts to see recognizable faces in the planet's stones.



Matisse Gonzalez




Spanish dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Animation Film


11 minutes

Production Year:

11 minutes

Pictures of Directors

Matisse Gonzalez

Matisse Gonzalez is a Bolivian animator, illustrator and director. She graduated in 2019 from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. During her studies, she worked with several studios all over the world, such as BUCK Design in Australia, CELESTE in Argentina and WOODBLOCK in Germany. Her graduation Film "Gravedad" has been shown in several international Animation Festivals and won multiple awards.