Title:Sick Day

A clever modern-day silent humor about a youngster who becomes ill during the week before his friend's birthday celebration. Two clear options, can he escape if he tries to, or can he get well earlier than possible? Watch it for its flavors of the modern lockdown phase with a tinge of silent-era comedy.



Charlie Hughes




no dialogue


Child and Youth Film


10 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Charlie Hughes

Charlie Hughes an ardent cinephile and interested in watching films. This hobby sparked his passion for filmmaking. He loves making films which recall aspects of cinema history. For example, the silent cinema was showcased with his slapstick comedy film “Sick Day”. Experimenting with the different forms in the field of filmmaking and working in various genres is something he loves as it challenges and allows him to discover different aspects of filmmaking. He’s thankful to the festival organizers who selected this film.