An act of kindness during times of storm makes the disaster feel more bearable. The film follows a young girl being bullied at school who, to her surprise, is offered a helping hand by her friend in the form of kind words and reassurance, something she longed to hear. Watch her take vulnerable baby steps toward changing her life for the better and inspiring others to do it too!



Isaac Hurst




English dialogue, with Arabic Subtitle


Child and Youth Film


2 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Isaac Hurst

Isaac Hurst is a 15-year-old filmmaker. He is a writer, actor and an editor. At 12 years of age, Isaac started with the film 'My Friend Frank'. (Filmmakers with the “Into Film Award” for Best Film: 16-19 years for their film 'My Friend Frank'. ... Award Winner - Isaac Hurst). Isaac Hurts is the Lord Lieutenant's Young Artist Award Winner as well. 'Rockface' is his debut short film.