Title:Odd One Out

You get to change everything about yourself, but what is the cost you are willing to pay? The more relevant question to ask would be, is it worth paying that cost? Is it worth being like everyone else when you have your unique qualities, which you can own with a big chest? “Odd One Out” brings you to a point where you can answer these questions yourself.



Anas Sfagsi




English dialogue, with Arabic Subtitle


Child and Youth Film


2 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Anas Sfagsi

Anas been making short films since he was very young. He began by filming toys, using them as characters but gradually more and more people got involved as some of his friends became actors. After completing his school, he went to college to work more specifically in media production. There he produced the short film “Odd One Out”, a unique experience with directing animation which he only did once before. Anas' dream is to become a professional film director.