Title:From My Tree

What could be worse for a child growing up without seeing her father and his presence? If this wasn't enough to shake her world, she soon discovers that she is left without her mother too. It's only her and her dreams. But what if one day she discovers a letter from her father which was long kept away from her and could only reach her if she solves a code?



Faisal Alzahrani




Arabic dialogue, with English subtitle


Child and Youth Film


13 minutes

Production Year:

2022 (UAE Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Faisal Alzahrani

Faisal Alzahrani is a Saudi Arabia high school student known for his passion of filmmaking, cinematography and direction. In addition to filmmaking, he is active on social media and has a big number of followers. “From My Tree” would not be a full stop in his career, as he aspires to go for miles in the field of creative production and development of the local industry.