Title:Evil Castle

Sometimes, sleeping too much and being left behind is not a bad deal! What if you end up saving the lives of everyone who went ahead? A story of a bunch of people who get trapped in an evil castle. True to its name, it actually is one, and they might get smashed to death and become the monster's dinner soon. Can they escape on time?


Collective of 22 children




French dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Child and Youth Film


5 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Collective of 22 children

Evil Castle was directed by “Camera-etc” which is a Production Workshop, established in 1979 in Liège, Belgium. Camera-etc produces and co-produces arthouse animation shorts. As an Expression & Creativity Centre, Camera-etc organizes workshops for children, teenagers, and adults. Camera-etc is a professional studio that makes commissioned works: didactic movies, general interest massages, documentaries, teasers, animation for plays and the music videos.