Title:Desert Blue

A man and a young robot walk through a post-apocalyptic desert in search of an “oasis” depicted on a postcard. They arrive at their location to find that the destination they have been seeking is actually a painting in an abandoned home.

In the quest for artificial intelligence, where is the place for human values? In this short film, a human-like, human-level intelligent robot paves the way for us through sacrifice and reminds us of not losing sight of the qualities that make us human.



Melina Garaud


France, UAE


no dialogue


Child and Youth Film


4 minutes

Production Year:

2022 (not a Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Melina Garaud

Melina Garaud was born in Paris and moved to Dubai at the age of 8. Here she discovered her passion for filmmaking, visual arts and acting. She is now 17 and is in her last year of high school. Her strong interest in films led her into taking filmmaking courses. “Desert Blue” is her first short film, touching on the theme of humanity and AI. She aspires to continue to make films in the future with the aim of inspiring positive change.