Title:Two Friends

An innocent friendship between two boys painted with emotions, in a faraway Bengali border town, in a no-land, man's crosses all religious and social barriers made and upheld by the society. Can friendships end even when destiny separates them in a devastating and sad turn of events? Directed by Prasun Chaterjee, this film is no less than a heartwarming journey which effortlessly ensures that you too come along and just like any friendship, the feelings after watching stays.



Prasun Chatterjee




Bengali dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Feature Film


111 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Prasun Chatterjee

Prasun Chatterjee is a self-taught filmmaker, born in a lower middle-class family in Kolkata. Without a film school background and any experience of filmmaking, he managed to shoot his first short film, “Shades” (2017) which premiered in the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala and screened in numerous film festivals. He has experienced the lives of the villagers, their emotions, economy, the communal polarization and their innocence very closely. All these experiences were showcased in his first feature film, “Two Friends”, released in 2021.