Jim, who is just 11 years old, is a bright young boy who is enthusiastic about science and space. Jim must compete in a young scientist contest with his new classmates Emma, a delicate and modest girl, after moving to a new town with his father. Despite her reservations, Jim persuades her to replicate Kittinger's 'Excelsior' experiment (the first man to touch the frontier of space in 1960) by surreptitiously building a genuine air balloon. But his life falls apart when he realizes she has surrendered without telling him.



Olivier Pairoux




French dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Feature Film


100 minutes

Production Year:

2020 (GCC Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Olivier Pairoux

Olivier Pairoux was born in 1977 in Belgium. He completed all his primary studies at the communal school of Xhendelesse (Herve). After primary and secondary studies near Liège, he entered the IAD, in the production section. Olivier Pairoux is the production designer and artistic director of the Belgian tv channels RTL TVI-Club RTL and Plug RTL. He also works as an independent artistic director for major brand campaigns and music video clips but his real artistic ambition is writing and filmmaking. In 2021, Olivier Pairoux signed his first feature film, “Spaceboy”.