Title:Kids Are Fine

Da-yi has not known a life where he is not used to doing things on his own. Owing to an ailing mother and a busy father, Da-yi has not been exposed to a childhood in which his friends are living. Soon the family decides to relocate to a place closer to a hospital. The young boy, too, spends more time with his friends than with his mother. However, as his mother's illness deteriorates and she is sent to a distant hospital, Da-yi becomes concerned that he might never see her again and embarks on a hunt.



Ji-Won Lee


South Korea


Korean dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle


Feature Film


108 minutes

Production Year:

2021 (Middle East Premiere)

Pictures of Directors

Ji-Won Lee

Ji-Won Lee was born in 1983 and is a professional film director in South Korea. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Film and a master’s degree from the school of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film at Chung-ang University. Director Ji-Won’s short films “Blue Desert” and “Summer Night” won the Fiction Prize at the Busan International Short Film Festival and screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival and the Seoul Independent Film Festival. his first feature film is “Kids Are Fine”.