From The Other Angle

“From The Other Angle” is a short film that presents a powerful message about the importance of respecting others' stories and avoiding presumptions. It serves as a reminder to approach others with empathy, refraining from making assumptions or speaking on their behalf without understanding the full details.

Majid Juma


Arabic dialogue, with English subtitle

Child and Youth Film

3 minutes

2023 (World Premiere)

From The Other AngleFrom The Other Angle

Majid Juma

Majid Juma is a young Emirati actor with a diverse cinematic and theatrical background. He participated in notable works including "Khorfakkan Film" by HH Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi and the short film "Baba Ja'afar," which was nominated at film festivals like the Sharjah International Film Festival (SIFF) and Treasure Coast International Film Festival (TCIFF). Majid has been recognized with awards, including Best Comedian Dramatic Film in London 2018, and he has proudly represented the UAE internationally as both an actor and ambassador.