Three agents from the Andromeda Galactic Bureau of Investigation (AGBI) find themselves inside 14-year-old Norman's brain after a freak accident. They need Norman's help to stop the evil intergalactic villain, Zolthard, who is trapped in the school principal's head. While trying to save Earth, Norman and his friends must keep the presence of aliens secret at their high school. It's a battle between good and evil, with school life and homework still in the mix!

Paul Meyer, Gerhard Painter

South Africa

English dialogue, with Arabic subtitle

Animated Feature Film

85 minutes

2023 (Middle East Premiere)


Paul Meyer, Gerhard Painter

“Headspace” is written by Ronald Henry, Daniel Buckland, Paul Meyer, and Gerhard Painter, and co-directed by Gerhard Painter and Paul Meyer of Luma Animation, and produced by The Ergo Company’s Dumi Gumbi, and Catharina Weinek with Luma Animation. Headspace marks the first animation feature film for both companies.