Valley Road

In the charming village of “Alwadi” in Saudi Arabia, Ali is seen as different by his family and neighbors because of his perceived special needs. Only his sister Siham truly understands and cherishes him for who he is. While Siham pursues her dreams of education and a brighter future in the city, their father decides to take Ali to a folk doctor for a "cure." However, during their journey, Ali gets lost in the wilderness and embarks on a remarkable personal adventure. Along his path, he discovers his own resilience and uncovers the truth that our supposed weaknesses can actually be our greatest strengths. This heartfelt and inspiring film celebrates the power of embracing our uniqueness and finding inner strength.

Khalid Fahad

Saudi Arabia

Arabic dialogue, with English subtitle

Feature Film

109 minutes

2022 (UAE Premiere)

Valley RoadValley Road

Khalid Fahad

Khalid Fahad is an award-winning writer and director. He received the American Film Award, and the Best Short Film Award at the Saudi Film Festival for "Little Bird"; and the Golden Eagle Award for "The Investor" (2017). He is a creative director at several institutions and media companies, and participated in writing feature films.