She’s From Another Planet

Na-eun, a young woman who believes she is a cosmic being, frequently visits a park at noon in her attempts to communicate with outer space. Seok-min, an unemployed man, arrives at the park with intentions to retaliate against Na-eun for causing injuries to his close friend. However, his plans take an unexpected turn when he encounters Na-eun.

Sang-Beon Koo

South Korea

Korean dialogue, with Arabic & English subtitle

Feature Film

103 minutes

2022 (Middle East Premiere)

She’s From Another PlanetShe’s From Another Planet

Sang-Beon Koo

Sang-beom Koo is a writer, director, and producer from South Korea. He holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from The City University of New York and a Doctorate in Film Production from Dongguk University. Since 2017, he has been teaching as a professor at Korea University of Media Arts. Sang-beom has directed 11 short films, and "She's from Another Planet" is his first feature film.